Green Forest is the home of two large Tyson Foods poultry processing plants. a Tyson hatchery and a Tyson truck depot serving the independent chicken growers surrounding the town. It's the site of the large Cal-Maine Foods grocery-store egg plant, shipping Eggland's Best eggs nationwide. 
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How can a community publicize community events if it has no city newspaper, no city radio station and no nearby TV station? That was the challenge facing Green Forest, which is Carroll County's second-largest town and home to the second-largest school district.

So, how can the Green Forest Tigers Booster Club let everybody know about big nights in Tiger Stadium? How can local churches announce special events? Or restaurants publicize their daily special? How can the Lions Club spread the word about the annual rodeo or car show? 

Or the Chamber of Commerce publicize the big annual Agriculture Appreciation Day, the only daylight Christmas parade in Carroll County or the annual Citizen of the Year banquet?

The solution? The Resource Council established Green Forest 
News & Views on Facebook. Its mission? To announce public events, promote Green Forest, praise local accomplishments and fill the gap left when the Green Forest Tribune newspaper stopped publishing. 

It's not an on-line yard sale or a gossip page. Everyone is welcome to post news and comments and photos. Everything must be positive and have a strong Green Forest focus. Members are cautioned to "remember that Green Forest is the center of the universe."

Bragging is encouraged. "When your kids or grandkids do something noteworthy, brag at will," members are told. "Same goes for your Sunday school class, spouse, 4H club, peewee sports team. Brag!" 

To visit Green Forest News & Views, CLICK HERE!

How is the Carroll County Resource Council  
helping Green Forest share community-wide news?
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