Sadly, all those commercials on TV about grants that will help you pay your rent or your phone bill are untrue. There are a great many needs in Carroll County. The Resource Council has a very limited and mostly volunteer staff. So, we are unable to help individuals seeking financial aid. Here's what we can do:
What can the Carroll County Resource Council do to help you find funding?
We were proud to help Green Forest find the funds to move its historic 100-year-old train depot to Veterans City Park and to restore it for use as the city's popular Community Center ... and to develop 11 adjacent acres into terraced, lighted, fenced youth soccer fields.
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Take a look at our newest project in Eureka Springs.

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Take a look at some of the projects we've helped fund.

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Take a look at a project we're perhaps best known for ...

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Take a look at one of our proudest projects.

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Can the Carroll County Resource Council help you find funding?
We're collaborating with Jeremiah House to provide locally sourced food to local school cafeterias. 

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We're helping Green Forest broadcast local news.

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  • If you are a Carroll County non-profit or school or unit of government, perhaps we can help you -- if you let us know your need.
  • We will keep an eye out for possible funding from private, federal and state sources. If something looks promising, we will alert you.
  • We can't guarantee anything. 
  • We do not charge for this service.