Welcome to the Carroll County Resource Council & Prevention Planning Board
We could not be more proud of Smoke-Free Soccer alumnus Henry Pineda, recent graduate from Williams Baptist College.
We're a non-profit that has been serving Carroll County since 1985. 
During the 1990s, we were one of 76 statewide Transition to Employment 
coalitions that administered job-training programs. But we were one of only two 
coalitions in the state to fulfill our sustainability plan. That is, we continued after 
funding ended.

In that project, we initiated a number of youth outreaches, giving low-income 
and at-risk teens a first job experience and conflict-resolution training by 
mentoring them as soccer referees. Our certified refs worked venues across 
northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri -- and even a tournament in central 
Florida. After state funding ended, we kept that program going through Common 
Ground, a statewide youth violence-prevention initiative, which we replicated 
at seven other sites, receiving top marks from our independent evaluator.

Another element of the Transition to Employment coalition was in Carroll 
County's three alternative high schools, where we developed two job-skills 
curriculums, Capitalism in the Classroom and How to Get and Keep a Job.

Additionally, we collaborated with school nurses in all three school districts, 
providing pregnancy-prevention instruction and teaching materials. After coalition
funding ended, we sustained that program with funding from a federal abstinence education program. Our full-time abstinence instructor taught in the schools and offered an after-school abstinence club at the Berryville Community Center.

We continue similar outreach. We were the grantee of state child-abuse prevention funding that allowed us to collaborate with North Arkansas College to provide Circle of Love services to teen parents still in school. 

Using lessons we learned about the effectivness of teens as peer presenters, we went on to offer anti-drug, anti-violence, anti-smoking and anti-obesity programs featuring teen role models. We've found soccer to be an effective medium -- since it bridges so many cultural divides. We have offered a variety of prevention messages using soccer during phys-ed classes, in after-school programs and during teen-led skills clinics at venues statewide -- and at annual Red Ribbon Rallies at the University of Arkansas for northwest Arkansas fifth graders. We continue to have close ties with our local youth soccer program. CLICK TO READ MORE about local soccer.

Today, the Resource Council continues its diverse outreaches. The youth referee programs continue, sustained by local youth programs. Our first youth outreach alumni have entered the job force and a number have finished college, the first in their families to do so.

Our strength is in the volunteer involvement of our membership. Our chair has pushed teen drug-prevention summits annually in all three school districts. Our treasurer singlehandedly each year has raised around $130,000 for the Carroll County Senior Activity Center. Our secretary is involved in local pre-school projects and rehab outreaches in the Carroll County jail. And our executive director is regularly called upon by the City of Green Forest, seeking help writing proposals for infrastructure projects -- help which we provide at no charge to the city. 
Allow us to brag about Amelia Villines, who as a 12-year-old was our poster girl for Smoke-Free Soccer, and while at Stanford University went on to play on the U.S. National Women's Rugby Team with an eye on the Olympics.
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